Cinema Guide

Ali Bin Ali Media and Publishing is proud to offer one of the most sought after utilities available at cinemas.

The Cinema guide booklet available at multiple cinemas is planned and produced by us. In addition to providing accurate time schedules and screening information the cinema guide also offers excellent advertising space to clients.

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A restaurant guide, small in size and easy to carry, It will contain all the names of restaurants, hotels and fast food chains, including menus and preselects (Optional), which will help customers to choose preferred dishes at any point of time.


To make it easier for both the restaurant operators and customers to communicate and order the food in advance, and if they want home/office delivery, they can do it simply without any misunderstanding.


This guide will be distributed free of charges at all hotels, fast food chains, offices and clubs. It will also be distributed with our Health & Beauty magazine.


Provide us with your advert material (photos, brochure, company logo) and fax to ABA Media & Publishing at 44411251

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Qatar Healthcare Guide

We Ali Bin Ali Media & Publishing are in process of compiling the first ever most informative & comprehensive "Qatar Health care Guide" which provides a Quality Healthcare & service information.
A complete Healthcare solution to you & your family QHG will focus on entire Healthcare management system is a mirror reflecting our lives and giving voice to the issues concern that influence our overall sense.QHD is yearly publication will be printing 10,000 copies circulating absolutely free in Qatar & GCC countries.

QHG will provide details on how to maintain good health and fitness by medical professionals and experts through suitable platforms and forums to the following health provider organizations:

- Hospital
- Clinics
- Polyclinic
- Dentist
- Eye clinics
- Skin clinics
- Medical goods & equipments suppliers
- All expert, professional, technician, and support services

Making these platforms available to the aforementioned health providers will allow them to interact and communicate with each other so that they may serve as a safety and health resource to the medical industry.

We strongly believe that healthcare is all about care & passion.These mechanism will provide you to judge and evalute on improvement stability Qatar's healthcare & program.

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